The No Quarter Collection: Volume One

SIX No Quarter Collection Cover

A collection of stories that appeared in No Quarter magazine, to which I contributed a fair amount of fiction. My stories “Dead Stop” and “Prey” can be found in this anthology.

This one is available as an e-book at:

Here’s the official description:

For nearly a decade No Quarter magazine has published rousing fiction set in the Iron Kingdoms, expanding the stories of existing characters and introducing new ones to WARMACHINE and HORDES players. The No Quarter Collection series gathers these stories, some long out of print, and offers them in a single, easy-to-read format.

The No Quarter Collection: Volume One contains stories that take readers across the continent of western Immoren…and beyond. Join warcaster Phinneus Shae as he leads the mutiny that transforms him into an infamous pirate; travel down a cold and lonely road with a group of Illuminated Ones as they escort a most dire cargo, the ancient necromantic blade known as the Witchfire, to a place of safekeeping it may never reach; and delve into the mind of an Iosan soulless whose terrible curse proves to be the salvation for his fellow countrymen.

These tales and more will immerse you in the exciting world of steam-powered fantasy that is the Iron Kingdoms.

Stories Included:

  • “Better Left Forgotten” by Douglas Seacat (No Quarter #3)
  • “The Shae Mutiny” by Douglas Seacat (No Quarter #11)
  • “Prey” by Aeryn Rudel (No Quarter #34)
  • “Dead Stop” by Aeryn Rudel (No Quarter #37)
  • “Inner Sanctum” by Will Shick (No Quarter #43)
  • “The Better Part of Valor” by Douglas Seacat (bonus novella from Forces of WARMACHINE: Pirates of the Broken Coast)

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