The No Quarter Collection: Volume Two

SIX No Quarter Collection Cover_volume2

A second collection of stories that appeared in No Quarter magazine, to which I contributed a fair amount of fiction. My stories “Patriot’s Crucible” and “Swamped” can be found in this anthology.

This one is available as an e-book at:

Here’s the official description:

For ten years, No Quarter magazine has published rousing fiction set in the Iron Kingdoms, expanding the stories of existing characters and introducing new ones to WARMACHINE and HORDES players. The No Quarter Collection series gathers these stories, some long out of print, and offers them in a single, easy-to-read format.

The No Quarter Collection: Volume Two contains stories that take readers across the continent of western Immoren…and beyond. See the “gentler” side of Khadoran warcaster Orsus Zoktavir, the infamous Butcher of Khardov; delve deep into the cult of the enigmatic machine goddess Cyriss through the eyes of a reluctant devotee who questions his commitment; slog through the swamp with a journeyman warcaster desperately searching for a way out of the impenetrable Fenn Marsh; and join a young Asheth Magnus as he battles the forces of Cryx during the Scharde Invasions.

These tales and more will immerse you in the exciting world of steam-powered fantasy that is the Iron Kingdoms.

Stories included:

  • “Conversion” by William Shick (No Quarter #48)
  • “Swamped” by Aeryn Rudel (No Quarter #32)
  • “Not Everyone Dies” by Douglas Seacat (No Quarter #28)
  • “Warrior’s Telos” by William Shick (No Quarter #47)
  • “Patriot’s Crucible” by Aeryn Rudel (No Quarter #46)
  • “The King’s Own” by Douglas Seacat (Privateer Press Ten-Year Anniversary Issue)

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