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Submission Protocol: Status Query

You’ve sent your story to a publisher, you’ve read and followed all the guidelines, and now you’re just waiting for the rejection hammer to fall. (Okay, maybe that’s just me.) You watch the calendar, and at some point, you realize, “Hey, I haven’t heard… Continue Reading “Submission Protocol: Status Query”

Submission Protocol: Stay in Formation

Rejectomancy points deducted for FTFFD or SSD: -5 (What’s this?) Something you will see in just about every set of submission guidelines is a request for a specific manuscript format. In my experience, many genre publishers will ask you to submit your manuscript in standard manuscript format (SMF… Continue Reading “Submission Protocol: Stay in Formation”

Submission Protocol: What We Want

Okay, you’ve got a story ready to submit. Now where do you submit it? Well, first, sign up for a Duotrope account (see my post about that here), then when you find an appealing market, the very first thing you should look for is… Continue Reading “Submission Protocol: What We Want”

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