Flash Doom & The Molotov 10

Let me start this post by announcing my first acceptance and publication in 2017. My story “An Incident on Dover Street” received an honorable mention (7th) in The Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Doom contest. You can read it right now along with a nine other great stories in the Flash Doom mega-issue.

This publication also marks a fairly momentous occasion, as it is my tenth (10) publication with The Molotov Cocktail. Most of those publications have come in their various flash fiction contests. The themes for these contests always seem to be right up my alley, and, hey, they apparently dig my style enough to publish me in double digits. To celebrate this double-digit day, I thought I’d share all ten stories I’ve published with The Molotov Cocktail. You can read them all, for free, just by clicking one of the links below. So, in order of publication, here’s my Molotov 10.

  1. At the Seams” – A little story about falling apart, literally.
  2. “Shadow Can”A tale of a shadow gone rogue.
  3. “Night Walk”This one puts a non-zombie horror spin on the post-apocalyptic story.
  4. “Side Effects” – A piece about drugs and spiders, mostly spiders.
  5. “Beyond the Block” A head without a body, a body without a head–will they ever find one another?
  6. “A Man of Many Hats”A weird one about, uh, hats.
  7. “The Sitting Room” –  An art connoisseur with very specific tastes.
  8. “The Father of Terror” Dead cats and Egyptian god-demons for the win.
  9. “Masks”Children’s Halloween masks and ancient demons. A winning combo!
  10. “An Incident on Dover Street” – A story about dinosaurs. With feathers! (Screw you, Jurassic World.)

Got an opinion about any of the pieces above? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

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