Writing Acts of War II – A Novel Adventure

Hey, folks, I’ve been pretty transparent with my writing career here on the ol’ blog, what with all my rejections and over-analysis of said rejections, but let’s go all the way.

I’m going to start writing my next novel for Privateer Press, the sequel to Acts of War: Flashpoint. The working title for this book is Boiling Point, but that is very likely to change. Anyway, what I’m going to do (with Privateer’s kind permission) is document the entire process of writing the novel from first draft to publication and post it here for your amusement and edification. Before I go on, here’s a quick and dirty synopsis of Acts of War II:

War has come again to Llael. Lord General Coleman Stryker has inflicted a devastating defeat upon Great Prince Vladimir Tzepesci at the Khadoran-occupied city of Riversmet and now marches on the mining city of Rynyr to cripple Khadoran supply lines and weaken their position in the Llaelese capital city of Merywyn. But this one victory has done little to stem the avalanche of Khadoran might, and Empress Ayn Vanar has recalled one of her most fearsome warcasters and battle leaders to strike back at the Cygnaran invaders. He will summon to him a force so overwhelming that Stryker may be swept away on a tide of red steel.

Hope survives in the form of unexpected allies. Ashlynn d’Elyse, warcaster and leader of the Llaelese Resistance, fights a battle of her own against the Khadoran interlopers. She has no love for Cygnar but would still make a powerful ally if Stryker can convince her to join his cause. Meanwhile, old wounds fester as Asheth Magnus remains entrenched in the Cygnaran military machine, and Stryker must learn to use Magnus’ military prowess while keeping the cunning warcaster from undermining his authority.

So, as I write the first draft, we’ll do weekly check-ins, and I’ll update you on the raw numbers (how much I’ve written, how many chapters, etc.), give you some behind the scenes looks at the book in process (favorite lines, paragraphs), and occasionally give you a sneak peek into the process of things like cover design, developmental editing, revisions, concept art, and so on. You’ll also get character profiles on all the major characters, which will be handy for those new to the Iron Kingdoms and might serve as a nice refresher for those that know it well. But, never fear, longtime WARMACHINE players, there are some brand new characters in this book you are definitely going to want to learn about, and you WILL get sneak previews on these new characters during this process.

If you’re not into the whole Iron Kingdoms things, and you’re just interested in seeing how the sausage is made (well, at this particular factory), then there’ll be lots of info on how a novel is written, edited, marketed, and so on. This’ll all be from my own personal experience with Privateer Press, so what’s presented won’t be the ONE TRUE WAY or anything, but you might glean a few pointers here and there. At the end of this journey, there will be a shiny new novel I hope you will run out and read.

So, what do you say? Want to watch me pen the next thrilling chapter in my writing career and/or watch me crack beneath the stress of writing a novel in public? Either way, it’ll probably be entertaining.

Look for the first update, “How Outlining Destroyed My Soul” or something like that, in the very near future.

Oh, and since this is Acts of War II, you might be interested in reading Acts of War I: Flashpoint. Privateer is making that even easier by offering a 25% discount on the digital version of the book at the Skull Island eXpeditions website. Just click the the big ol’ picture of the book below and enter the following coupon code when you check out: ACTSOFWAR1


4 Comments on “Writing Acts of War II – A Novel Adventure

  1. I like this! I cannot wait to read more I was hooked although I am ashamed I fumbled across those names but to me that is what makes it more original and unique,

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