Iron Kingdoms Fiction and Free Stories

The good folks at Privateer Press have given me permission to post a novelette I wrote for them back in 2012 on this here blog. It’s called “Tomb of the Deathless,” and it’s set in the Iron Kingdoms universe, a setting that is described thusly: It is a land like no other, a place where steam power and gunpowder meet sword and sorcery. If you’re into steampunk and sprawling worlds with tons of awesome backstory and history, then I urge you to have a look at the Iron Kingdoms.

Anyway, this particular story is a fantasy/horror mash-up featuring some existing characters from the Iron Kingdoms setting and a few of my own creation. It was written to support the 2012 organized play league for the tabletop miniature games WARMACHINE and HORDES, which, by the way, is an excellent way to check out Iron Kingdoms’ fiction.

In fact, the current league season, Path of Devastation, just wrapped up, and the complete accompanying fiction is available on the Privateer Press site. It features two of Privateer Press’ very talented writers . . . and also me! Here are some links to each chapter (these links will open a PDF).

Chapter 1 – “Misdeeds” by William Shick

Chapter 2 – “Test of Restraint” by Aeryn Rudel

Chapter 3 – “Homecoming” by Zachary C. Parker

Chapter 4 – “Cleaning House” by William Shick

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