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First Draft vs. Revision: One Plotter’s Preference

Writing a novel is a process of many individual steps, but all those steps generally fall under two very broad stages: drafting and revising. Just about every author I know prefers one or the other, and I thought I’d share a little about my… Continue Reading “First Draft vs. Revision: One Plotter’s Preference”

Submission Protocol: The Unsolicited Rewrite

Here’s a scenario for you. You receive a very encouraging personal rejection from a publisher, where the editor says something like, “Hey, good story. We’re going to pass, but we think you might consider improving the story by changing X and revising Y.” If… Continue Reading “Submission Protocol: The Unsolicited Rewrite”

Rejection Letter Rundown: The Revision Request Letter (with Rose Blackthorn)

As I mentioned in the previous installment of Rejection Letter Rundown, an author might, from time to time, come across a letter that is neither rejection nor acceptance but some strange hybrid of both. I covered the further consideration letter last time, and this… Continue Reading “Rejection Letter Rundown: The Revision Request Letter (with Rose Blackthorn)”

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