Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Three

SIX_Iron Kingdoms Excursions_s1v3

This is a small collection of flash fiction set in the Iron Kingdoms universe that includes my story “Tongue Tied.”

This one is available as an e-book at:

Here’s the official description:

Take a short journey to adventure with Iron Kingdoms Excursions! Each volume in this series features three brief tales about the people, creatures, and machines of Immoren. Explore the Iron Kingdoms—from the stinking marsh around Scarleforth Lake to the flame-blasted battlegrounds of the Protectorate of Menoth—for only pocket change.

In Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Three:

  • Shoulder the burden of blasphemous magic along with a Vassal of Menoth in  “Weapons of the Enemy” by Orrin Grey.
  • Discover that actions are clearer than words when the trollkin of the United Kriels face threatening strangers in “Tongue-Tied” by Aeryn Rudel.
  • Learn how the reclusive swamp gobbers survive among the bigger and nastier denizens of the marsh in “Mouths to Feed” by Howard Tayler.

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