Submission Statement: August 2022

August was somewhat disappointing, mostly because I’ve fallen behind on my submission goal.

August 2022 Report Card

  • Submissions Sent: 8
  • Rejections: 7
  • No Response: 0
  • Acceptances: 0
  • Publications: 0
  • Further Consideration/Shortlist: 2

More submissions than last month, though most of those went in the last week. Clearly the other numbers weren’t as good. That may have something to do with the number of stories I had/have pending. Generally, I’ll have a round a dozen. I got down to four (and one is a novel), and I’m back up to seven. That’s just not enough subs to beat the numbers game. My acceptance percentage is in the 15% range. So I need to send roughly ten subs to get an acceptance, and that’s ballpark math. I’m not hitting 15% at markets like Apex and F&SF. However, I am getting more further considerations and final-round rejection from these types of markets. That’s encouraging and frustrating all at once. TL;DR, I need to send more subs.

The seven rejections included two final round/further consideration heartbreakers. The two stories in question I know are good, and I know I’ll sell them, but for whatever reason, I have to shop the hell out of my short stories. I sell flash fiction quickly. Shorts? I generally hit double-digit rejections before they sell. No publications last month.

I’ve got 61 submissions for the year at this point. So if I want to hit 100, I need an average of 10 for the next four months. Doable, but I’d be more comfortable if I was in the 70s by now.

I feel I must qualify some of this by stating I’ve been working on a big freelance project for Privateer Press, which is guaranteed payment and guaranteed publication. So, I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs. 🙂


Seven rejections in August.

  • Standard Form Rejections: 5
  • Upper-Tier Form Rejections: 0
  • Personal Rejections: 2

One of the personal rejection is a final-round rejection as is one of the form rejections. The other personal is the first I’ve received from the new editor of a pro market. That’s good info, and it tells me what types of stories I should likely send in the future. I’m going to share one of the final-round rejections. The story has been racking these things up, which tells me I’ll eventually sell it, but, man, these close-but-no-cigars can be tough sometimes.

We thank you for very much for your submission. This piece did make it through to our final round of reviews, however, competition is especially tight for the larger word count spots. After the final review & rating by our full panel of six readers, it has been decided to pass on this story.

We wish you all the best in finding a suitable home for this piece, and look forward to reading further submissions from you in the future.

Getting to the final round is always good. Generally, at that point, the choice to publish or not publish is entirely subjective. I appreciate it when a publisher gives me a glimpse into their process. For one, it tells me why it may take longer to get back to me, and if it does, I’ve probably made it through at least the first round. I’ll certainly submit here again, but I might go with a flash piece or something shorter. Sounds like the competition is not so fierce there. Oh, I should probably point out that though I labeled this one as a personal, rejection it might be a form, but it says the same thing.

Other Cool Stuff

I sold a novella to Grinning Skull Press a while back called Effectively Wild. This week I got notes and edits back from the publisher, which were entirely painless and easy to address. Preorders should be happening soon, so expect me to hype the hell out of this thing. Here’s another look at the oh-so-awesome cover. 🙂

And that was August. How was your month?

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