Submission Statement: November 2021

November 2021 is but a memory. Let’s see how I did.

November 2021 Report Card

  • Submissions Sent: 8
  • Rejections: 5
  • Acceptances: 1
  • Publications: 1*
  • Further Consideration/Shortlist: 0

November was a momentous month in submission land, not because it was special in the sense of the number of rejections or acceptances, though it was still decent. No, the real reason November was special is because I picked up rejection #500 since I’ve been tracking them through Duotrope. That’s a significant milestone, and I talk about it at length in this post. I also sent my 100th submission of the year, which is another important goal I can check off. I have slowed down a bit with submissions, and I only sent two more after hitting 100. I’m currently sitting at 102 for the year. The acceptance is from Metastellar, as is the publication, which is technically not a November pub since it went live on the 4th of December. Fuck it; close enough. 🙂


Five rejections in November.

  • Standard Form Rejections: 2
  • Upper-Tier Form Rejections: 2
  • Personal Rejections: 1

One of the upper-tier rejections was a shortlist heartbreaker from a pro market. Those have been excruciatingly common this year. The other rejections were pretty uneventful, though the personal rejection highlights an issue I tend to have with my work, which is I write short stories that are too horror for sci-fi/fantasy markets and too sci-fi/fantasy for horror markets.. What are you gonna do?


Though technically a December publication, you can read my story “Grave Concerns” over at Metastellar right now. Click the link below to do that.

Read “Grave Concerns”

And that was November. How was your month?

6 Comments on “Submission Statement: November 2021

  1. Congrats on the publication. I enjoyed reading Grave Concerns.

    I’m also at 102 submissions after a 5 submission day yesterday. I don’t think I submitted anything in November. Instead I focus on using NaNoWriMo as motivation to actually write for a change.

    • Nice work on the submissions.

      I’ve never done an official NaNoWriMo, but I keep precise records of how many words I wrote per day when I’m drafting a novel. I went back and looked at the last four novels I wrote to see if I’d unintentionally pulled off a NaNo (50,000 words in 30 days) while writing a first draft. The results were surprising, so I wrote a blog post about it, which I’ll likely put out tomorrow.

      • Heh, well, the inspiration came from my Twitter feed being nonstop NaNoWriMo for a month, but you certainly reminded me to get that blog post out.

        How’d you do with the challenge? If you don’t my me asking.

      • I got to 15k words and then promptly stopped December 1 when I could not longer ignore the rest of life that was piling up. I’m hoping to at least finish that WIP while on vacation here at the end of December.

      • Hey, 15k words is a hell of a start on a novel. I think 50k in a month is pretty tough, honestly. I get that part of it is the challenge of the thing, but, personally, I’m FAR more comfortable with about 30k words a month. That gets you a nice 90k first draft in three months, which is plenty fast, IMO.

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