The Rejectomancer’s Grimoire: Resurrect Manuscript

Once more we delve into the Rejectomancer’s Grimoire in search of dark writerly enchantments. This week, we explore a powerful rejectomancy that can restore life to a long-dead project. But beware! Resurrect manuscript can have dire consequences for weak-willed rejectomancers, who may abandon all other projects for the revivified scribblings of the literary undead.

(If you’re wondering what all this rejectomancer stuff is, start here.)

Resurrect Manuscript

5th-level rejectomancy 

Casting Time: 1 page

Range: Touch

Components: Verbal

Duration: See below

You revive a manuscript that has been inert and unworked on for no longer than one year. The spell restores your memory, with perfect clarity, of plot, characters, and themes, while obscuring your recollections of weak writing, plot holes, and other problems for 1d6 hours. If you add words to the resurrected manuscript within the spell’s duration, this effect becomes permanent. Once the spell is cast, you must attempt a Wisdom save. On a failure, you abandon all other novel-length projects for 1d3 weeks in favor of the resurrected manuscript. At the end of this period, you must attempt another Wisdom save. On a failure, the resurrected manuscript becomes your new, primary project.

The verbal component for resurrect manuscript requires you to read aloud the first page of your current manuscript, after which you must denounce the project with a literary curse, such as “This is all shit,” or “My other book was better.”

That half-finished novel collecting digital dust in your hard drive always looks a lot better when you’re in the dog days of the current project, right? Be careful with this spell, lest you abandon a perfectly good book for one that only seems better. 🙂

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