“Do Me A Favor” & Other Free Flash Fiction

It’s great when you find a publisher who’s willing to publish your work. It’s even better when you find a publisher who’s willing to publish your work more than once. Today marks my fourth story with The Arcanist, an excellent publisher of speculative flash fiction. The story is called “Do Me A Favor,” and it’s a quirky little horror/black humor mashup. You can check out the story below, along with three other stories I’ve published with The Arcanist. 

So, uh, do me a favor and read these stories. 😉

“Do Me a Favor” – Published 8/3/18

“The Food Bank” – Published 4/6/18

“Reunion” – Published 12/1/17 

“Cowtown” – Published 8/4/17

I hope you enjoyed “Do Me a Favor” and maybe a few other stories I published with The Arcanist. If you’re a writer of speculative flash fiction, give The Arcanist a look. They pay pro rates, and they’re just generally great to work with. Submission guidelines right here.

9 Comments on ““Do Me A Favor” & Other Free Flash Fiction

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  2. Think my last comment got cut-off. Sorry. Also, a thanks for sharing ‘what works’ in a market I’ve been interested in for awhile—The Arcanist. Food Bank and Cowtown I’d already read, too. Notable that Cowtown has that sort of ‘knife twist’ ending, as does ‘Do Me a Favor.’ Anyway, thanks again for sharing—very magnanimous of you!

    • Yeah, they seem to like the dark humor in “Cowtown” and “Do Me a Favor.” A friend of mine published a story with them called “Digging it With the Dead,” which is in the same vein as my two stories.

      This is not to say that a quirky humorous story is a sure fire publication with The Arcanist, but it seems to be a style they appreciate.

  3. These are great! I really like your style. “The Food Bank” bummed me out (good job!), and the payoff in “Cowtown” was hilarious.

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