Rejection Records Update

You may recall a recent post where I listed some of my favorite rejection achievements and records. These dubious accomplishments, however, are subject to change as I trudge ever forward in my quest for rejectomantic greatness. So, without further ado, here are two records that have recently fallen to new challengers.

Most Rejections before Publication: 18 and counting (old record: 17)

Yep, the old story has fallen to a new challenger, the much beleaguered “Story R,” whose plight is further detailed in this post. This story has received 18 rejections (and likely counting), but after a lengthy revision, I still have faith in the old boy. It’s currently out for submission. I’ll let you know when and if rejection #19 comes in.

Most Rejections by a Single Publication: 9 (old record: 3 tied at 8)

I’ve been sending out a lot of submissions lately, which means I’ve racked up a fair amount of rejections. One of my favorite top-tier horror magazines has recently pulled away from the pack with 9 total rejections (and another pulled into a three-way tie for second at 8). The silver lining here, though, is the last three rejections I’ve received from this market have been higher-tier, so maybe I’m getting closer. Fingers crossed.

Got any rejection records of your own? Tell me about them in comments.

5 Comments on “Rejection Records Update

  1. Interesting stats…I would not have thought of these metrics. I will have to delve into my backlog of rejection slips and see if I even come close on these! I think you have me beat!

  2. I have two stories that have been rejected 14 times. An editor just sent a note that one is under consideration *fingers crossed*.

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