Ghost Story Apocalypse: My Latest Publication

Hey, all, you can read my flash fiction story “Night Walk” over at Digital Fiction Pub. This one is a reprint, and its first appearance was in the Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Future contest, where it took second place. Some of you have already read it, but for those who haven’t, it’s a spooky little piece about ghosts and the end of the world and stuff. Link below.


Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments.

4 Comments on “Ghost Story Apocalypse: My Latest Publication

  1. I appreciate that you didn’t feel the need to explain the HOW of it all, but just gave your reading audience the immediacy of it happening. It’s in the explaining that I’m sometimes disengaged from the horror.
    And this was definitely chilling. I was there and, frankly, worried for my well being. I kept scrabbling for ideas of how to carry the burning pine shats with me to get me the last leg of the journey to safety (I refuse to believe this is the last night of my life!).
    Solid horror. Well done!

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