Unleashed Legends: Blood in the Water

SIX Unleashed Legends

This is a novelette I wrote for Privateer Press to coincide with the release of the RPG Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Core Rules. It’s part of the Iron Kingdoms universe, which includes the award-winning tabletop miniature games WARMACHINE and HORDES.

This one is available as an e-book at:

Here’s the official description:

Something huge and hungry stalks the Cloutsdown Fen.

In northern Cygnar, the Gnasir make their living fishing the marsh. But when they become the prey of a savage monster thought to be little more than a legend, they are forced to turn to outsiders to save their people from the relentless horror. An unlikely trio assembles to combat the menace: the bog trog mystic Lurk, the gatorman sharpshooter Longchops, and the famous monster hunter Alten Ashley. In the end, they may not be able to save the Gnasir—in fact, they may not even be able to save themselves.

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