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On Writing – Book Review

Originally posted on The Book Review Directory:
? I recently finished reading, well actually listening to, Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of  the Craft.  Highly recommended for all writers! There’s a lot of conflicting advice about craft books for writers—some think you can’t learn…

Using Real People as #Fictional #Characters – #ArtisticLicense and #TBT

Originally posted on Optimist Superheroes:
Throwback Thursday to John F. Kennedy’s Presidency!  More on him a little later. Artistic License There is a fine line between real people as fictional characters adding an intriguing aspect to a novel versus causing it to crash and burn.  Artistic…

Rejection Relief – First Blood

Someone recently asked me to write a post about recovering from a particularly vicious rejection. I’m not talking about getting a vanilla form rejection or gentle constructive criticism from an editor. I’m talking about a severe literary beating, the kind of comment or review… Continue Reading “Rejection Relief – First Blood”

Revise, Retire, or Resubmit?

I got a rejection letter today. (Send cards and flowers to my home address.) It was the sixth rejection this particular story has received in its current incarnation. After five or so rejections, you can’t help but ask yourself, “Should I retire this one?”… Continue Reading “Revise, Retire, or Resubmit?”

How Much/Often Should I Write?

This is a question writers hear a lot. Hell, it’s a question writers ask a lot. The most common answer is something frustratingly vague like, “all the time” or “as much as you can.” Easy, right? I mean who has a day job, a… Continue Reading “How Much/Often Should I Write?”

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