The Rejectomancer’s Grimoire: Fiona’s Flawless Formatting

The next entry in the Rejectomancer’s Grimoire is an eminently useful but potential dangerous spell called Fiona’s flawless formatting. Responsible rejectomancers who use this bit of literary legerdemain need never fear a formatting error. Less responsible use of the spell, however, may incur dire editorial wrath. (If you’re wondering what all this rejectomancer stuff is, start here.)

Fiona’s Flawless Formatting

1st-level literary legerdemain

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: Touch or Email

Components: Verbal, Material

Duration: One submission

You cast this spell on one short story manuscript. The spell affects up to 5,000 words. Any editor reading the manuscript must attempt a Wisdom save. On a failure, the editor sees their preferred formatting style regardless of how the manuscript is actually formatted. An editor who makes the Wisdom save sees through the illusion, and you suffer an automatic form rejection and 2d8 psychic damage.

Fiona’s flawless formatting can be enhanced by following the guidelines and using the editor’s preferred formatting. In this case, the glamour prevents the editor from seeing any minor formatting mistakes with no Wisdom save.

The material component for this spell are the words “standard manuscript format” typed in Courier, Times New Roman, and Arial, then printed. The printed page is consumed in a fiery burst on completion of the spell.

Always use the enhanced version of this spell. Most editors will overlook small, honest formatting errors, but probably won’t react favorably to submissions or authors who flagrantly disregard formatting guidelines.

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