Dunesteef Does “Scare Tactics”

The audio fiction magazine Dunesteef has published an audio production of my horror story “Scare Tactics.” They really nailed the voices, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It’s free to listen, so click the link and check it out.

Episode 194: Scare Tactics by Aeryn Rudel

Lindsey is a paranormal investigator, but she has an advantage on most, because she has the demon Adramelech captured in a Raggedy Ann doll, and it does her bidding, which makes casting out the demon really simple. Today, however, things are different. The house they’ve come to investigate has an actual presence that’s already there, and it has bad intentions.

3 Comments on “Dunesteef Does “Scare Tactics”

    • Thanks, Chet. I really do want to write more about the adventures of Lindsey and Adramelech. Maybe a novella . . .

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