My Latest Publication – “Scare Tactics”


Hey, folks, The Devilfish Review has just published my short story “Scare Tactics.” It’s a quaint little story about a girl, her pet demon, and a budding parapsychology career.

I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I hope you have as much fun reading it. You can read the entire story online by following the link below. So, you know, do that, and then say nice things about it. 😉

“Scare Tactics” by Aeryn Rudel



8 Comments on “My Latest Publication – “Scare Tactics”

  1. Very well done!

    I have Devilfish on my list of places to submit my flash horror. I don’t think mine has the odd factor, though.

    • Thanks, Michelle.

      You should totally submit to Devilfish. I’ve never thought of them as a place for weird of offbeat fiction. The other story of mine they published, “Night Games,” certainly wasn’t like that. I think they’re just looking for good spec-lit stories, odd or no.

      • Thanks, Aeryn. I like my story, and one of my beta-reader friends who does NOT blow sunshine up my butt in any way shape or form, said it genuinely creeped her out. But I don’t think it’s particularly inventive, so I don’t want to bug the pubs that are looking for weirdness.

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