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Iron Kingdoms Freebie: Wayward Fortunes

I have a new Iron Kingdoms story in the July issue of No Quarter magazine from Privateer Press. The story is part of a loosely connected series I’ve been writing off and an for the last five years about a misfit bunch of dwarves, or Rhulfolk, who… Continue Reading “Iron Kingdoms Freebie: Wayward Fortunes”

It Came from My Hard Drive! Part 1 – The High Road

I’ve been working in the tabletop gaming industry for over ten years. In that time, I’ve written more RPG adventures, supplements, and bits of game-related fiction than I can easily count. While most of that stuff was published in one form or another, some of it… Continue Reading “It Came from My Hard Drive! Part 1 – The High Road”

Rejection Letter Rundown: The Referral Rejection

In the hierarchy of “good” rejections, the referral rejection has got to be near the top. What is it? It’s a personal note from an editor often telling you why they didn’t accept your story and then referring you to another market that might.… Continue Reading “Rejection Letter Rundown: The Referral Rejection”

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