Month: October 2019

Submission Spotlight: Reprints

This is the first in a new series of posts that will, highlight or, uh, spotlight parts of submission guidelines that might be unexpected if you’ve just started submitting your work. Even if you’re an old hand at the submission game, these are an… Continue Reading “Submission Spotlight: Reprints”


I assume you’re all quite familiar with the term rejectomancy (or at least how I interpret it). I’ve spent years and a slightly embarrassing number of blog posts talking about what rejections mean, but what about acceptances? What if we turned our overly optimistic,… Continue Reading “Acceptomancy?”

Submission Statement: July-September 2019

Getting caught up on these submission statements. Here’s my submission activity for the last three months. July/August/September 2019 Report Card Submissions Sent: 16 Rejections: 10 Acceptances: 6 Publications: 3 Submission Withdrawal: 0 This averages out to about 5 submissions per month, which is far… Continue Reading “Submission Statement: July-September 2019”

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