Real-Time Rejection II: The 6th Rejection of “Story X1”

Six rejections down, four more shots at fame and glory. Yep, the 6th rejection of “Story X1” has arrived. If you’d like to see the previous rejections, go here.

I’m a little late with this one–it actually came in on 1/6/17–but some computer mishaps made it impossible to post right away. Here it is in all its form-tastic glory:

Thank you so much for thinking of XXX. Unfortunately “Story X1” is not quite what we’re looking for at the moment. Best of luck placing it elsewhere.

The only thing that stands out about this form rejection is that I received it the same day I sent the story. That’s not unusual, though, and this isn’t the first time I’ve received a same-day rejection from this market. A word of advice, don’t apply too much rejectomancy to same-day rejections. Like any other form rejection, you should focus on what the letter says (we’re not publishing your story) and not what you think the editor or the speed of the rejection means (who knows?). The former gets the story out again right away, and the latter? Well, that way lies madness, my friends. You will never, ever, ever know what an editor thinks about your story unless he or she a) publishes it or b) tells you in a personal rejection. If neither of those two things occur, move on.

“Story X1” is still under consideration at one more market, and they’re pretty quick, so I expect to hear something in the next week or so. Stay tuned for more of the thrilling saga of “Story X1.”

How are your adventures in submission land going? Tell me about your latest rejection or acceptance in the comments.

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