Real-Time Rejection II: The 4th Rejection of “Story X1”

Nearly half-way there! The fourth rejection for “Story X1” has arrived. If you’d like to see the last three rejections, go here.

Okay, here’s what number four looks like:

Thank you for your interest in our magazine. Unfortunately, after reviewing your submission, we have decided that it is not for us at this point in time. As much as we hate to reject any work of fiction, please remember that it is not a value judgment based on your lovely skills and talent; it really is us, not you. We hope to see you on our submissions list in the future!

Again, thank you for your interest in our magazine.

This is a new market, and this is my first submission to them, so I can’t quite tell if this is a standard form rejection or a higher-tier form rejection. My gut says standard despite the mention of future submissions. It’s a nice form rejection, and it reminds authors of a very important fact: rejections are not personal and are often not a reflection on your ability as a writer. Not much else to say about this one since there’s no real feedback.

Pickings are a slim right now for horror markets, and a lot of my go-to publishers are closed to submissions until next year. I know I said that after the last rejection, but I managed to find this new market shortly afterwards. I really mean it this time (unless I find another new market). Anyway, it may be a bit of a wait for the next update.

Hey, tell me about your latest rejection in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Real-Time Rejection II: The 4th Rejection of “Story X1”

  1. Greetings, writer with lovely skills!

    It does sound nice. For a true form rejection (assuming it is what you got), though, I would prefer the basic “We have decided to pass.” I’m sure as a former editor, you received some not-so-lovely writing 😉 I like compliments as much as the next writer, but I don’t like puffery.

    Good luck with the future submissions.


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