Real-Time Rejection II: The 3rd Rejection of “Story X1”

Another notch in the ol’ rejection belt, and the third rejection for “Story X1.” If you need to get caught up on the saga of “Story X1,” go here.

Let’s take a look at that rejection:

Thank you for the opportunity to read “Story X1.” Unfortunately, your story isn’t quite what we’re looking for right now.

In the past, we’ve provided detailed feedback on our rejections, but I’m afraid that due to time considerations, we’re no longer able to offer that service. I appreciate your interest in XXX and hope that you’ll keep us in mind in the future.

This is a standard form rejection from another top-tier market. I’ve received this rejection a bunch of times, which is not exactly surprising considering how many submission his particular market receives. Like all the top markets out there, this one is extraordinarily difficult to crack, but you have to keep trying. Perseverance has paid off for me before, and I’ll keep submitting here and to the other top publishers in the horror genre until I get an acceptance or they literally tell me to stop sending them stuff. 😉

Normally, I would have sent “Story X1” out again already, but a lot of the markets I normally submit to are closed to submissions for the moment. So “Story X1″may sit for a bit until one of those markets opens up, which should be some time in early December.

Got any rejection you’d like to share? Tell me about them in the comments.

One thought on “Real-Time Rejection II: The 3rd Rejection of “Story X1”

  1. Aeryn,

    Here’s MY most recent real time rejection (I keep them all!)…..

    Dear Darius,

    Thank you for your submission of “XXXX” to XXX. We gave the story careful consideration, and though we are not accepting it for publication, we hope you find a better fit for it elsewhere.

    Thanks again for trusting us with your work.



    …Hope this helps aspiring/starting writers out there realize rejection isn’t so bad. I have never had a nasty, unprofessional rejection. Not once!



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