Real-Time Rejection II: The Saga of “Story X1”

Some of you may remember a series of posts I did called Real-Time Rejection: The Journey of “Story X.” If not, here’s the basic gist. I finished a story and then began sending it out immediately. I then posted the responses (rejections) as they came in, in “real-time.” I submitted “Story X” ten times for publication, with the caveat that if it didn’t get published by the tenth submission, I’d retire it and post it on the blog. Well, I submitted it ten times, and it was rejected ten times. I was as good as my word, and you can read “Story X,” which is actually called “The Scars You Keep,” right here. If you’d like to see all the rejection and whatnot, here’s a link to the category archive with all the “Story X” content.

Well, guess what? I’ve got another shiny new story, which I’m calling “Story X1,” and I’d like to document the journey of that piece with the same set of rules. Ten chances at publications, all responses shared with you fine folks, and retirement (and posting) if and when I receive ten rejections.

Like “Story X,” I won’t reveal the real name of “Story X1” until it’s been published or rejected ten times. “Story X1” differs from “Story X” in that it’s a true horror story not dark urban fantasy. That’ll limit my options for publication a bit, but will give me a better shot at markets that publish exclusively horror.

I’m going to start the submission process by sending it to the top-tier pro markets with quick turnaround times. Once those publications have rejected me, I’ll start targeting other publications with longer wait times or those that are in the semi-pro tier. So follow along once again as I offer up a big, steaming plate of schadenfreude for your enjoyment and edification (it’ll be like watching me eat my vegetables and getting all the nutritional benefits yourself).

The first submission(s) for “Story X1” will go out today or tomorrow, and then the fun will begin.

2 thoughts on “Real-Time Rejection II: The Saga of “Story X1”

    • Well, I’d run out of letters pretty quick, right? It’d be Story X, the Story Y, then Story Z, and then what? I figured I could pay homage to the original and get up to like Story X48 (and beyond) with letter + number. 😉


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