“Flashpoint” Fiction Contest at Red Sun Magazine

As I’m sure many of you gathered, my little spat with the folks over at Red Sun Magazine was just a bit of fun. Its primary purpose, besides engaging in some entertaining kayfabe, was to drum up some interest in a flash fiction contest to be held by Red Sun. Well, that contest has been announced, and I’m one of the judges. Contest winners will receive real cash money, some cool prizes, and the first place winner will be published by Red Sun Magazine on their website and in their newsletter.

Here are the basic rules for the contest:

  • Theme: An event that triggers a war in a fictional/fantasy/sci-fi setting.
  • Word Count: Submissions must be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • Deadline: 09/23/2016, midnight, Pacific Time

Head over to the Red Sun Magazine site for the full contest rules and info on how to submit a story.

One quick note: though the contest is themed around my Iron Kingdoms novel Flashpoint, this is NOT a contest for Iron Kingdoms fiction. So come up with something cool and original, impress me and the other judges, and take home that first place prize!

Oh, and if you’re looking for general tips on writing flash fiction, I offer a few pointers in this post.