Red Sun Magazine Calls Me Out

The dastardly editors over at Red Sun Magazine, who recently published my story “Paper Cut,” have posted a villainous attack on my character. Why? Because I skipped one lousy question when they interviewed me for the magazine.

I mean, come on, Red Sun. There was like thirty questions in that interview. I kept expecting you to ask me about my favorite color or flavor of ice cream. Is it a literary interview or a survey for an internet dating site? I mean, I should get a commendation for ONLY skipping one question.

Anyway, the question I declined to answer was a request that I write a 50-word short story based on three disparate elements. And, folks, when I say disparate, I mean it. It was like, “Hey, Mr. Rudel, take a toothbrush, the Mona Lisa, and seven matchsticks and write a story. Oh, and make it scary.” So, already fatigued by the barrage of interview questions, I elected to skip this one measly request.

Anyway, head over to Red Sun Magazine and have a look at their vicious, callous, and lowdown attack on my professional reputation. Oh, and pick up the first issue, so you can read my story. 😉

The Red Sun burns fierce indeed. I think it cooked their brains.

Red Sun cover

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