Real-Time Rejection: The 6th Rejection of “Story X”

Rejection number six has arrived, kicking off the second half of the journey of “Story X.” Let’s have a look.

Dear Aeryn,

Thank you for showing us your fiction, but we’re going to pass on this particular submission. As writers, we know rejection can feel like a punch in the nose, but try not to be discouraged. This kind of decision is naturally arbitrary, and we’d be happy to see more of your work.

This rejection actually came in November 30th, but it somehow got caught up in my spam filter, and I didn’t discover it until last night. So this update isn’t as “real time” as the others.  Anyway, this is a form rejection, and I’m tempted to call it an improved form rejection because I’ve received personal feedback from this publisher in the past. I’ll let you decide. It’s a nice letter, regardless, and I appreciate the effort the editor has taken to soften the blow. I don’t often see this kind of encouragement in a form letter, so good on ya, publisher.

At this point,  I’ve sent “Story X” to most of my usual suspects, and it’s time to branch out a bit. I’ve already sent the story out to another publisher, one I haven’t tried before, and from the sample stories I’ve read, it might be a good fit for “Story X.”  This market does not accept sim-subs, so it’ll be another two months or so until the next update.

As far as my general feelings toward the story’s progress, I think there’s a decent chance it’ll sell before I hit ten rejections if I can get it in front of the right editor. (Easy, right?) That said, if “Story X” does get rejected ten times, ending the experiment, it’ll still be fun to share it on the blog and hear all your opinions, criticisms, mockery, and so on.

How have your submission adventures been going? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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