A List of Links: Dark Markets & Tax Tips

Time for another weekly roundup of links and resources for writers and rejectomancers.

1) I’m always on the hunt for places to submit my work, and Dark Markets is a great website for finding new publishers. It is specifically aimed at horror authors, and all the markets featured publish horror or dark fantasy. Dark Markets lists publishers in five categories: anthologies, book publishers, contests, magazines, and online zines. Definitely worth a look if you write horror.

2) I love me some flash fiction, and I used to participate regularly in a one-hour flash fiction challenge over at the Shock Totem forums. Shock Totem publishes dark spec-fic, and the bi-weekly contest generally includes some horrific element, but you can write your story in any genre. The contest is pretty simple: someone posts a prompt, usually a photo or illustration, and then you have one hour to write a story of 1,000 words or less, edit it, and post it. Once the hour is up, the participating authors read all the stories and vote on a winner. The winner gets to post the prompt for the next contest. It’s a lot of fun and a great writing exercise, not to mention a fantastic story idea generator.

3) I found another useful article on cover letters posted on the Inkpunks website. It’s a great no-bullshit, direct-and-dirty article on the subject. I really dig the author’s voice, and the advice is right on the money.

4) One of my favorite writers, Dan Simmons, has a great series of essays on his site titled Writing Well. The first installment begins with the question “Can someone really be taught how to write well?” It’s a great essay, and there’s a lot of frank, objective analysis on the craft of writing and what it takes to be a professional.

5) Here’s a short article from Your Digital Publishing Cheat Sheet with tax tips for freelance writers. This is an area I’ve been researching a lot lately since I made the transition to full-time freelance. This article is pretty good place to start.

6) And another shameless plug. This time I’m going to point you all at my series of dubious advice on submission guidelines and such. They’re all under the heading Submission Protocol, but since we’re just getting all silly with links, here’s a bunch:

Got a useful link for writers? Share it in the comments.

5 thoughts on “A List of Links: Dark Markets & Tax Tips

  1. Dan Simmons is an amazing writer. I love his Hyperion series as well as the books Illium and Olympus. Thank you for highlighting his essay. It’s something of his that I haven’t read and I am about to rectify that.


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