The Waiting Game and Staying Sane

Great post by Christina Dalcher on her blog about slush piles, waiting for your submissions (novel or short story) to get read, and what to do with the downtime (besides go slowly insane).

Christina Dalcher

[WARNING: No animated GIFs appear in this post. There is, however, a sprinkling of profanity.]

Ah, slush piles. They seem to be everywhere.

You’ll find them in literary agents’ inboxes, acquisition editors’ inboxes, lit magazine editors’ inboxes, contest coordinators’ inboxes. Made it through one slush pile? Fantastic. There’ll be another one waiting around the corner. Made it through all the slush piles? Even better. Now hold your breath and count to eleventy-million while the contractual wrinkles get ironed out.

Point? It doesn’t matter a damn what you write, or where you are in the writing process. It doesn’t matter whether you write long stuff or short stuff or something in-between, although I’d recommend against the novella–no one seems to want that flavour of fiction anymore. (so much for the next Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Love Story) Sooner or later your book or short story or flash fiction piece is gonna…

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